One of the accusations made against Christians is that we cannot prove the existence of God, even though they cannot disprove Him!

The Miracle Of Growth

I’d like to start with the everyday miracle of my garden. Each year it fills my heart with joy as flowers and shrubs burst from the undergrowth to fill their corner with colour and scent. Every year I eat, with huge pleasure, the vegetables grown organically and with no food miles, on the far side of the ditch. I plant, I might even do a little weeding, but the miracle of growth continually surprises me! Scientists can make great robots, they can even clone a sheep, but the life in all things they cannot create! Georgia O’Keefe made a name for herself painting flowers on huge canvases. She said the world had gotten too busy to see “little” anymore. That is just sad! Look for “little” and allow it to gladden your heart!

My Son

My son has difficult veins to find, especially when he’s sick. For years every trip to hospital involved an agony of stabbings, attempting to find a vein that wouldn’t immediately collapse when they tried to take blood for lab tests. 

On one occasion I as well as he was inclined to cry before the tenth attempt found an elusive vein. That night Tom fell out of bed and out came the cannula! 

Morning saw the same problems ahead of us but this time I was smarter. I said to Tom that before we started, we’d pray about it. Why it hadn’t occurred to me to pray about it before then, still baffles me, but there you are! We prayed boldly that God would have them find a vein first time. We said that we were at the end of our strength and needed His direct intervention. Then we told the doctor that we had prayed and that she was going to find the vein first time….. no pressure! She did! 

And every time since, we pray and they find the vein, first time! You could call that coincidence, but we call it a miracle. We just needed to ask for it. I don’t know why my son has so many health issues, but we can trust God even when we don’t see the bigger picture to know why.

I believe God wants our lives to be good and when we cry out for help it is always given. Sometimes, as with St. Paul, what is given is the grace to cope with adversity, sometimes it is the skill of a nurse who can find a vein at first attempt! 

My Daughter

My daughter was prone to suffer from nightmares.  As a child she would wake up crying and be afraid to go back to sleep. She didn’t remember what had upset her so we couldn’t rationalise it. 

As a young Mum I struggled to know how to help her.  So, each time we prayed and asked God to take away that nightmare and give her a good night’s sleep. It calmed her and before long she slept peacefully. Every time we asked, she had a restful night afterwards, so we started being preemptive and asking before going to sleep at all!  Those nightmares taught Alice the power of prayer. Two miracles in one! 


Mandy had un-diagnosed pains in her tummy. Scans and examinations failed to show up a cause until excruciating pain finally brought an answer and emergency surgery. The world and her husband were set to pray. Candles were lit, angels applied to and particularly Godly people were asked to add weight to our petitions on her behalf. With God’s providence the best surgeon possible was on duty and able to avoid the dreaded colostomy bag. The theatre sister turned out to be a family friend who kept us well informed. The nurses were the kindest. Even the hospital jelly tasted okay! But post operative pain still had our girl in tears, unable to cope. 

I told her she was doing fine and about all the people praying for her recovery. It was just a painful operation.  Sometimes we need to be reminded of the power of prayer. 

Finally, Mandy prayed for herself. She could suddenly feel warm healing hands on her back, and she slept. Even though she kept eating the painkillers, the pain was always manageable and Mandy her happy self from them on.