The Methodist church in Ireland is a “connection” of over two hundred congregations both north and south of the border, with a total community of about forty thousand people.

We also belong to a worldwide community of about 80 million people called Methodists!

While numbers of Christians are declining in our part of the world, they are growing in others and having had missionaries spread the gospel abroad for many years we are now seeing other countries sending their people and spirituality back to Ireland to reawaken ours!

Methodists affirm the Bible as containing all the teaching that is needed for personal salvation. The authority of the Bible was always central to John Wesley’s teaching. Although he steeped himself in a wide variety of literature, he described himself as “a man of one book” and all the emphasis of Methodism is taken from the Bible and in John Wesley’s opinion, proved by it.

Methodists use the Apostles Creed like other Christian denominations to sum up their beliefs.